Linn Clean Energy District is working to implement affordable renewable energy in Linn County through energy efficiency, public education, and advocacy to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

Shows renewable energy - wind turbines and solar panels

Clean Energy Districts are local associations that lead, implement, and accelerate the renewable energy transition. Developed from the Soil and Water Conservation District model, energy districts are non-profit organizations that are geographically and socioeconomically inclusive, independent and nonpartisan. Energy Districts benefit everyone and boost the local economy by generating community-wide energy prosperity and climate stewardship.

Sustainable Energy Map for Linn County

There are currently 725 solar and 16 wind turbine installs in Linn County. Where are they? Using public information from satellite views of Linn County, the link below is to an initial map of sustainable energy locations. Only a few are shown as of 3/1/2021. The map is open to editing. You’re invited to add solar and wind sites not yet identified. The map will continue to be updated from public records. Last updated 3/1/2021.